Cloth Hanger Frequently Asked Questions

Madhu Traders Cloth Drying Hangers Company

Madhu Traders Cloth Drying Hangers Company is based in Hyderabad city. Introducing the best quality Ceiling Cloth Drying Hanger for rooftops with pulleys desirable for the modern generation.

We use best quality stainless steel rust-free tubes and high grade PVC slate, wheels and components. Cloth Drying Hanger with Pulley is highly Durable and strongly made which is ceiling-mounted. It can be fixed anywhere on the rooftop and is possible to manage individually up and down.

Due to its compact design, it can be installed at various spaces like Passages, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Balconies. Nylon cords are used for each pipe or line which assists smooth operation; it is available in different sizes and conveniently adjusted in the space provided.


  • Our Cloth hangers for drying are exceptionally manufactured with Stainless steel tubes that prevent rusting or Oxidation.
  • Cloth Drying Roof Hanger can be installed in various spaces like Passages, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Balconies.
  • Ceiling Cloth Hangers are also installed upon False Ceiling/POP Ceiling.
  • Hang your clothes from the ceiling within confined space.
  • The Ceiling Cloth Drying Hanger for balcony is roof-mounted and holds a fair amount of washed clothes.
  • Ceiling mounted cloth drying hangers are provided with 6 rows of stainless steel rods of different lengths ranging from 3feet to 8feet.
  • Cloth Drying Hanger are rust-free, long-lasting, strong and weight bearing.
  • The Cloth Drying Pulley System is ceiling mounted with space-efficient technology  providing free-space in your balcony also  permits ventilation and contributes to hygienic appearance.
  • Nylon Rope provided is probably not damaged when exposed to Sunlight, Rain and  high temperature during summer.
  • We use High Quality Pulley’s allowing easy handling of the cloth hangers. 
  • The cloth hanging pipes are easily adjusted at the appropriate height. 
Cloth Hanger Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many types of cloth dry hangers are available?

A :  Cloth Dry Hangers are of three types which are mostly used:

  1. Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger
  2. Wall mounted Cloth Dry Hanger
  3. Floor model Cloth Dry Hanger.

Q. What are the available sizes of Ceiling Cloth Dry Hangers?

A : Ceiling Cloth Dry Hangers available lengths are 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft. With a Standard width of 2ft.

Q. How many lines of cloth hangers are provided?

A : Cloth Hanger Tray is made of standard 6 lines. Customized  lines also can be installed with less than 6 lines.

Q. How to hang cloth from the ceiling? how to hang drop cloth from ceiling?

A : When we operate the rope the steel pipe stops at an adjustable height.

Q. How to make a Pulley Cloth Drying Hanger?

A : Cloth Hanger is made of Rust-free, Stainless steel tubes, PVC ceiling bracket, High Quality Nylon Pulleys,  wall mounted PVC Patti and High Density Nylon rope.

Q. How to install Pulley Cloth Dry Hanger?

A : Pulley Cloth Dry Hanger installation is very easy. Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician and any Technician can be able to install easily.

Click the link below for installation video.

Q. What is the cloth drying ceiling hanger price in Hyderabad?

A : Cloth drying ceiling hanger price in Hyderabad 
3ft hanger price: 1200/- upto 8ft hanger price: 2800/-

Q. Does the Cloth Hanger need Electricity to operate?

A : There is no need for any electricity and is operated manually. People of any age groups can handle it comfortably without any danger.

Q. Do we have to climb on a ladder or chair to hang clothes on the Ceiling Hanger?

A : There is no need to climb any ladder or chair to hang clothes on the Ceiling Hanger. When we operate the rope the tube can be adjustable to our height so that it is easy to hang clothes upon the Ceiling Cloth Drying Hangers.

Q. How many clothes can be hanged on a cloth dry hanger?

A : This type of cloth hanger consists of 6lines of hanger tubes. Depending on length each line can carry 5kgs-8kgs weight; as there are 6lines overall 50kgs of load can be given.

Q. Where to buy a cloth hanger rope?

A : You can contact: 9493694930 our office number.     (Or)

Click the link below to Purchase online.